Could it really work?..

It’s time to think seriously about next steps and coping with asthma sensibly. 

So I’m looking at options related to home/private tutoring. A way that I could work 1:1 either at home (in the warm) or at houses when I’m well enough. 

The question I’m really asking is…does this seem viable or doable?

I’d love to continue teaching, but this damned condition makes committing to even a short term contract impossible – a hint of fog, a sharp drop in temperature or, God forbid, a scattering of snow has me reaching for the inhalers and a hotline to the GP for steroids again. At least with tutoring they could come to me and it would be teaching without worrying about controlling 30 at one time! 


At home again, unnaturally! 

Oh Asthma, you are a poor companion:

You never check if you are welcome

When you choose to call

You dangle the hint of a trigger

Then charge in, cough and all

Oh Asthma, you are a poor companion:

You walk all over my wishes

Cancelling all of my plans 

How can I live my own life 

If everything’s in your hands? 

Oh Asthma, you are a poor companion:

I can’t stand to sit in the passenger seat 

While you call all the shots

I need to take charge of this problem 

Try a way to join all the dots 

But Asthma, You lousy companion:

I’m tired of your total domination 

I’m tired of your bluster and huff

I’m tired of explaining to other non sufferers

It’s more than just a bit of a puff! 
Steph Pinhorn, 2017

Back from Eastwick! 

What a week.! I’m not sure if any other show has been quite such a roller coaster of emotions. It’s really been one that has matured as the run went on. 
If you’d told me at the dress rehearsal on Tuesday, when we still hadn’t run all of Act 2 that by Saturday nights close it would get a partial standing ovation I wouldn’t have believed you. Of course you can’t have Witches without flying and it did really make the show, but it also had major scheduling repercussions meaning that mute cues were done on sight during the opening performance. 
Thankfully I only had half days for supply last week or I’d certainly be ill again by now. It’s just a case of avoiding the cold snap now. I shall be relying on my trusty hat and scarf combo whilst dodging break duties! 
Nearly Christmas. As usual, nowhere near ready!  


It’s been a busy weekend, but then get-in always is! We have set up the sound department and welcomed a new set of radio mics for the show. I’ve installed the Sub-woofers under the tiered seating for a little extra rumble in the many thunder cues in this show. That should wake the audience up. 

The old faithful Allen and Heath is plugged up ready to go. All the multi cores are run in and patch bays assigned so it should be all systems go. Tonight is the technical rehearsal, deepest joy. Let’s hope it’s not so painful as some. I could do with a 10oclock finish and limited amounts of smoke. Just about containing my cough now so don’t want to set it off again! 

When in doubt, knit! 

So I have returned to my woolly therapy tonight, as wine alone seems to fail me at the moment. I wonder which lucky relative will receive this offering at Christmas? 

Today I sat at my mums, just sat and chatted and it was comforting. She suggested putting the radio on or music at home to engage with. I’m going to try Radio 4 – more talk than 1 which seems to be the default in the car with teenage daughters. 

Tomorrow is the big day-Witches get in for sound department. I’m looking forward to it, feeling knowledgeable and working with likeminded people. I am worried about making my asthma worse, especially as I don’t have a very good ability to stop before overdoing it. My better half is coming along, partly to help with heavy lifting and partly to keep an eye on me. It’s very good of him and will mean we get to see each other too, but I was a tech before I was a wife, mother and asthmatic. I might struggle to find a balance that reassures everyone. Send me sensible vibes please! 

Got to think of the long game 💭 

Wine is like duct tape…? 

 So last night I decided I was feeling too sorry for myself for my own good. I thought a little wine would cheer me up, change my outlook, stop me dwelling. And I sat in my chair, with my wine watching rubbish on the TV. Did I feel any better? 

 No! I didn’t. Which was a surprise really as it usually does. All It gave me was a rubbish nights sleep, more congestion and a lovely headache. 

Wine, you fickle friend, you deserted me! 

It’s Been a Funny Day…

In the words of the sadly departed Ronnie Barker! 

The current lurgy seems to be clinging on for ever. Although daytime is a little easier, when I lie down to sleep there are bubbles and crackles galore. Obviously it is now very uncomfortable to cough, so I avoid that at all costs. Another week of antibiotics and a second but reducing set of steroids had better see it off – for my sanity as much as anything else. 

I spoke to the wonderful nurses at Asthma UK about my worries around having an attack when I’m out on Supply, teaching at different schools, in different classes and different temperatures. They were a little stumped but had some sound advice to offer. A ‘layman s’ action plan that I carry and leave at the office on site, maybe a bracelet/necklace with information on it too. 

Meanwhile I continue the hunt for work that I can do from home. My fabulous mum is on the case now, scouring the internet for ideas, links and possibilities. She is my rock and I would be lost without her, especially when this gets me down. 

But the show must go on, as they say. Get in starts soon so lists, plans and schedules need to be created and circulated. The more information I can move forward beforehand the smoother things should run (well, that’s the theory anyway!)